Sivvas participated in Artoza Exhibition 2019

SIVVAS SA Company participated for the first time in the Artoza exhibition.

A major presentation was made in Seydelmann’s Applications in Bakery and Pastry products.

The modern and high technology of the German firm Seydelmann covers a wide range of blending, homogenization, refining, fluidization and many additional processing options.

The products to be processed can be granulated, pulverized, melted or liquidated. A large number of visits received the company stand.

The FIBERSTAR application with innovative fiber products has been presented throughout the range. The visitors showed strong interest in CITRI-FI Citrus Fruit Fibers, a clean label product with high moisture retention and excellent emulsifying capabilities, with a variety of applications in bakery industry & the pastry industry.

Company SIVVAS SA, following the abundance of visitors it had received, gives an appointment for ARTOZA 2020 with more solutions in the field of bakery and pastry.

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