Sivvas Α.Ε. - Παραγωγή Εξοπλισμού Επεξεργασίας Κρέατος & Τροφίμων

SIVVAS S.A. History

Our History

The company SIVVAS S.A. was founded in the year 1992 and today has the following four main activities:

Production Equipment

Supply and installation of production equipment in the meat processing industry, as well as packaging equipment for the meat industry, and the Food processing industry in general.

Today the activities of SIVVAS S.A. consist of the sales of single meat processing machines, as well as of the design, delivery and implementation of complete slaughter lines and meat processing plants. We believe in expertise on the basis of specification and experience.

Spice Blends

Production and trading of spice blends, sauces, dressings, marinates, coating materials for prefried meat products and auxiliary materials for the Meat industry, the Food industry, the butcher shops and the Food Service.

Packing Materials

Trading of packing materials such as: Plastic films, Plastic barrier vacuum bags, shrinkable vacuum bags, Plastic trays, natural casings, artificial casings, plastic cages, box pallets etc.

Feasibility Studies

Preparation of feasibility studies, in combination with five and more years business plans, for investments exclusively in the Meat industry, so that to secure the project finance from the banks, as well as the subsidy from the local and the EU funds.

Being Pioneer in Greece, SIVVAS S.A., has organized and established in her premises a fully equipped test kitchen and Demo-Room-pilot plant, for development of new products and new recipes for her customers. We also demonstrate machines before delivery. This helps a lot not only to sell the equipment, but especially helps our customers to make the right decisions.

The growth and success of SIVVAS S.A. activities was fast because her activities are in no way restricted only to the supply of machinery, but also to provide solutions to our customers.

More specifically, SIVVAS S.A. provides to her customers:

  1. Architectural designs and drawings, meeting international sanitary standards, such as EU and USDA.
  2. Design of complete processing lines and systems, including specific equipment.
  3. Complete feasibility studies to ensure finance and subsidies of our customers’ projects through EU and local funds.
  4. Project management services to ensure realization of the projects on time.
  5. Prior to installation, we provide the customer full technical information to enable him to make the necessary preparations, so that to accelerate and facilitate the installation being done by our experienced service engineers.
  6. After installation, our product specialists are at the disposal of the customer, for technological assistance and to make the operators familiar with the use and maintenance of the equipment.
  7. A team of our six (6) very experienced service engineers travel around Greece with six (6) fully equipped service cars. This ensures satisfied customers and active sales promotion of our suppliers’ equipment.
  8. A team of eight (8) experienced Food Technologists and two (2) experienced – high qualified chefs assists our customers, not only in the use and programming of the machines but also, to develop as well new products.

It is our policy only to promote equipment, spice blends, and packing materials, made by first class suppliers and manufacturers. In this way we maintain, our own high quality standards for materials, workmanship and services. Our thorough knowledge of the whole Greek Market, in all sectors of the meat processing, has resulted in gaining the trust from the manufacturers that we exclusively represent in Greece.

It remains important for us to understand our customers working environment. But also, the demands of the Legislation and Rules, which affect our work, at the present and for the future. That is the reason why SIVVAS S.A. has always supported its already strong organization with specialized, high leveled skilled personnel.

SIVVAS S.A. wants to touch the needs of the customers, so that the investment with our company’s support to be beneficial for the customer. We target in the satisfaction of our customers.

We feel the obligation to thank our customers and partners for their trust and support all these years. We would also like to thank our specialized personnel, for the devotion of its time and effort to serve the customers.

All of you: customers, partners and personnel have placed us on the top and made us the best in the Greek Market.

We thank you all and we are proud working with you and promoting our mutual interest.

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