New cooperation announcement – SN Maschinenbau – Pouch packaging




Dear Customers and Partners,


SIVVAS SA is pleased to announce the new partnership – cooperation with the German manufacturer SN-Maschinenbau.

SN-Maschinenbau has been in the packaging business since 1956 and manufactures pouches packing machines for the whole food industry.
With more than six (6) decades of experience, they can offer to customers machines with excellent build quality and flexible solutions.
They dozens of remarkable references in Greece and abroad prove their excellence.


They lead in their field, manufacturing over 200 machines each year. The solution they offer concern liquid packaging in special pouches
with or without lid and solid foods (cheese, snacks, nuts, legumes etc) in modern Doypack packs.


The cooperation of SIVVAS SA with the German company concerns the exclusive representation in Greece and Cyprus. 
The technicians of SIVVAS SA will be trained to be properly prepared to serve the existing machine in the area and to be prepared for future installations.


New trends in the food market

Consumer’s habits after the COVID-19 pandemic will change radically and will now require packaged food on the super market shelf, prohibiting manual product treatment. Consumers will prefer products produced by contactless processes – automated productions and product that have not been touched by other consumers. SIVVAS SA, offering all the packaging solutions, enables its network of customers to innovate, following new trend of Western Europe with Doypack packaging from SN-Maschnenbau.

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